Monday, April 26, 2010

The Blue Door...continued (part 12)

 “I can bring those up front for you.” Richard said.

Marta looked towards the front of the bookstore and then back at Richard who stood smiling, hands extended ready to retrieve the books. He was curious looking, his blue jeans were battered and splattered with paint front and back. His t-shirt, a white v-neck, splattered as well. His shoes, black Chuck Taylor high-tops, worn to the thread.  He had dark hair, cut short and wind blown. What looked like two days without a shave contrast against his pale skin. There were tiny flecks of paint on the rim of his glasses.

“Okay.” Marta said quizzically.

Richard smiled, took the books and walked backward a step or two before spinning around on his heel. He smiled to himself. Marta bent over to inspect yet another book spine, pushing her dirty-blonde locks behind her ears. A thin green scarf twisted in a deliberate fashion around her neck dangled in front of her, she flicked it back over her shoulder and folded her arms. Peering back, she caught Richard's gaze momentarily. Feeling shy she looked away quickly, appearing to brush some lint from the shoulder of her dark gray tee. She stood up and slid her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. Her gaze now locked on what was in front of her on the shelf, though her mind was elsewhere.

“These belong to the beautiful young woman over…down there.” Richard said to the man at the register quite loudly. He was looking at Marta, waiting for some eye contact. Marta looked over and smiled, then looked away again quickly.

Richard pulled a paperback from his back pocket and placed it on the counter.

“$3.00.” Said the man behind the register.

Richard pulled out his wallet and peered over his shoulder. Marta was making her way towards the back of the store. "Actually friend, can you ring up these books as well? I’d like to pay for this lot.” He said quietly while leaning over the counter slightly.

The man at the register smiled. “That will be $26 even. She’s in here almost every Sunday at about this time.

Richard tore out the copyright page from the paperback he was purchasing. “Can I borrow your pencil?”

The man pulled the pencil from behind his ear, looked at the point from over the rim of his glasses, and handed it over to Richard.

Richard wrote his name at the bottom of the page along with his phone number.  “Can you hand this to her when she comes up to pay?

“Will do.” The man said, sliding the pencil back into position behind his ear.

Richard smiled and handed the man $30. “Keep the change.”

Marta felt her face grow flush as the man at the register explained what Richard had done.

“I can’t accept that. Please, I’d like to give you the money for them. Maybe if you see him in here you could pay him back for me.” She pleaded.

“He’s in here almost every Sunday. Really surprised you haven’t run into him before.” The man at the register said trying to contain his smile.

Marta brushed her hair back behind her ears and placed the books into her canvas bag. She looked out the window, almost searching, and then back at the man behind the register. “Okay, thank you.

“Wait, Miss…I forgot to give you this.” The man said leaning over the counter.

Marta took the folded piece of paper and opened it. “What is…oh..OH…Richard Lemon…”

Marta looked up at the man behind the register. His arms were folded. He looked delighted in his knowledge. 


  1. The back story. Oh...I really like this couple.

  2. How romantic and spontaneous. I'm liking Richard more and more...

  3. Michele and magda - More to come... :)

  4. Loved this. I'm such a sucker for such things. I could read stories like this all day.