Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Blue Door...continued (part 8)

“Maybe she’ll hear the phone and come inside?”

“Maybe you should hang up the phone and step out onto the front stoop.”

“Of course. Sometimes I forget what I’m doing.”

“I’ll ask her, if you want.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll ask her. It’s okay.”

The sun reflected through the windowpanes of the blue door. Marta felt the glass and took a deep breath. She unlocked the door and turned the knob slowly. Looking back, Richard caught her glance. Marta took another deep breath and opened the door.

The air outside was cool, but the stoop radiated the morning sun.

Marta cleared her throat. “A blessing and a curse…getting full sun like this.”

Ms. Grace looked up and smiled. “It is a nice day, though. The trees help a bit.”

Marta cleared her throat once again. “Mr. Lemon…Richard…Richard and I were wondering if you wouldn’t mind collecting our mail over the next week or two.”

“Of course, dear. Are you two headed to the shore?”

“Exactly…day after tomorrow.”

“The house needs you. The air will do you good.”

 “Thank you, Ms. Grace.”

Marta spun around, checking the mailbox before going back inside. Hesitating slightly when she heard Ms. Grace say you’re welcome. Only turning slightly to acknowledge before closing the door.

“When did I start calling you Mr. Lemon?”

Richard looked up from the frying pan and smiled.

“I referred to you as Mr. Lemon to Ms. Grace.”


“I think I could eat, actually.”

“I love how easily the mention of food distracted you just now.”

Marta smiled. Her appetite was coming back.

Richard pulled two plates from the cupboard and handed them over to Marta. “There’s coffee, I’ve got toast going…some fried eggs here, warmed leftover potatoes…and, yes, there’s even bacon. I hope you’re that hungry.”

“Well, I know whatever I don’t eat, Rebel will be glad to help. You pulled this all together while I was outside.”

“Yep, I pulled this all together while you were outside.”

Marta smiled again and pulled two forks, knives, and a spoon from the silverware drawer. She followed this with mugs for the coffee and glasses for water. The routine felt good. The small act of breakfast made her feel connected to her husband once again.

"Remarkable." Marta said under her breath.


  1. "The routine felt good." Love that line. Makes me smile and take a deep peaceful breath. :-)

  2. She connected. Sounds like Marta is on her way back.