Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Blue Door...continued (part 2)

Marta is relieved when she sees Ms. Grace gone from her stoop. She hurries, though Rebel is not quite finished getting his daily news, sniffing and marking anything that he can stretch his hind leg to.

A busy morning, the street is filtering one car after another through the green light, leaving Marta to grow ever more anxious to cross, until she spots Ms. Grace in a third floor window. A watering can in hand, she’s feeding the Christmas cactus that sits off center in her watching window.


“These are buy one get one free.” The cashier says smiling, pointing at the listing for boxed oatmeal on the receipt.

“Oh…really? That’s okay, I just need the one.” Marta responds nervously.

“You sure? You don’t have someone you can give the extra box to? Maybe the old person who watches out their window, keeping an eye on things in your neighborhood. We all have someone like that.” She says.

“Thank you, but I don’t want to hold up the line.” Marta says, looking back and smiling at the people who are growing more agitated by the minute.

“Well, if you change your mind, you have until the end of the sale. Just take your receipt to the customers service…” Marta snatches the receipt from the cashier, nods her head in understanding and walks out of the store. She has no intention of going back in to redeem her extra box of oatmeal. She crumples the receipt and tosses it into a trash can.


The cars have slowed. The light is red once again. Marta looks up one final time to the third floor window. Now empty.

“Come, Rebel.” Marta pats her leg twice, a signal for the dog to cross.

Rebel sits at the bottom of the stoop, the leash slack as Marta unlocks the blue door.

“Come on girl.” Rebel takes his command slowly.

Finally inside, the leash is unhooked. The dog heads for his water bowl. She takes a few laps before finding her spot on the rug under Marta’s desk. 


  1. This is really intriguing, coming from my creative writing background. The beautiful images are very Modernly Hemingwayesque. Keep it up.

  2. Tracy, thank you, now I get to enjoy more of your beautiful writing. I love it. Waiting for the next instalment..

  3. Thank you both. I love the encouragement! So many stories getting dusty in my brain. Glad to have a place to share them.